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July 06, 2020
 Anthony Sessa
General Chairman
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Jan 09, 2009

April 3, 2020 - BMWED letter to Norfolk Southern reagrding the corona virus and social distancing.

March 19, 2020 - BMWED President Freddie N. Simpson sent official letters today to the country’s largest railroads urging them to protect the safety of their employees during the current global and national pandemic.

Public servants, hospitals, grocery stores and other vital industries and programs need to meet their supply chain demands. We understand and greatly appreciate those efforts. BMWED members, as well as all crafts of Rail Labor, understand their critical roles during this unprecedented emergency.

That said, the BMWED remains committed to the health and safety of our members. We have communicated those to the carrier CEOs and we trust their commitment to their employees – as well as their employees’ families – will be just and fair.

This link contains the letters President Simpson sent to NS.

June 25, 2018 - Updated list of Labor Relations Officers and their assorted responsibilities.

April 20, 2018 - Norfolk Southern EAP updates.

December 21, 2017 - Meal and Travel Allowance increase pursuant to Article of the February 27, 2012 Memorandum of Agrement. Our meal and travel allowances are subject to a semi-annual adjustment, and effective January 1, 2018, these adjustments are implemented providing increases to both. We expect to see additional increases July 1, 2018. Read NS’s letter.

September 5, 2017 - Norfolk Southern’s intent to restrict our heavier workers. The infamous "Weight Watchers" bulletin and correspondence can be viewed here, including positions from their side and from ours.

 July 1, 2017 - Our 2012 negotiations has produced an increase to the 2017 meal allowances(s). View Norfolk Southern's letter.

June 17, 2014 - Norfolk Southern's Labor Relations Vice President Scott Weaver has advised as to changes in Labor Relations managers, including those designated to receive our claims and grievances. Read letter here

May 2017 - The Chattanooga 42 - Norfolk Southern Corp just recorded a record profit for the first quarter 2017 and voted for a 34.6% pay increase for CEO Jim Squires. Yet in spite of increased revenue, record profits, and decreased operating ration, NS displaced 42 of the 71 carmen from Chattanooga. That equates to 60% less personnel inspecting hazardous chemicals and nuclear waste cars from sites such as Olin Chemical or the Y-12 in Oak Ridge. Think about that the next time a train rolls through your town. We don’t evacuate homes, we evacuate cities!  Read More...

March 23, 2017 - Tons of Money. Summary Analysis of Norfolk Southern’s 2015 Annual and Q3-2016 Results. 

January 5, 2017 - Norfolk Southern advises on increases in meal allowances for workers lodged in Camp Cars and hotels. View Scott Goodspeed's letter, including allowances for one-way and 100 plus mile travel.

February 29, 2016BMWED Sues NS - Again - Norfolk Southern’s failure and refusal to publish seniority rosters as required by the BMWED agreements, and Norfolk Southern’s failure and refusal to perform functions necessary for BMWED members to exercise their seniority and displacement rights under those agreements and as mandated by those agreements, negated provisions of Norfolk Southern’s agreements with BMWED, and abrogated Norfolk Southern’s contractual commitments to BMWED in violation of the Railway Labor Act, Section 2, Seventh.  View complaint

September 8, 2015 - BMWED responds to Norfolk Southern’s notion that compensation paid for Meal and Travel Allowances can be lowered when performance metrics decline.

May 20, 2015 - BMWED's responds to the Thermite Welding issue on Norfolk Southern.

November 17, 2014 - Norfolk Southern and the Delaware & Hudson Railway Co, a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway today announced a proposed transaction under which NS would acquire 282.55 miles of D&H rail line between Sunbury, Pa., and Schenectady, N.Y. The $217 million sale, subject to approval by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, would benefit customers, competition, and jobs in the northeastern United States.

NS intends to retain its current employees and offer employment to about 150 D&H employees currently working in this area. Any adversely affected employees will be entitled to standard labor protections. Read More... from NS press release

October 31, 2014 - Recently we received a petition and letter from members of the Union, most of whom work in Conway Yard. These members are concerned about an agreement we reached recently with Norfolk Southern regarding the construction of track in Conway Yard by outside contractors. Because this issue affects all members of the Union, we are sending a copy of our response to all members of the Pittsburgh prior rights district. These members have valid concerns and we are happy to take this opportunity to address them.

Follow this link for letter to membership including attachments and Conway Yard agreement.

October 14, 2014 - Contracting out thermite welding is Norfolk Southern's latest attack against workers.

June 17, 2014 - Norfolk Southern's Vice President D.L.Kirby has advised as to changes in Labor Relations managers, including those designated to receive our claims and grievances. Read letter here

June 2, 2014Agreement with Norfolk Southern returning the BMWED work of distributing tie plates in conjunction with dual rail, single-side rail, curve rail, or gauging projects throughout the NW-Wabash system.

October 22, 2013 - Eligible BMWED-represented Engineering Department Employes who retire effective January 2, 2014, after providing the appropriate supervisor write notice of their desire to do so, will be considered to have qualified for pay of future year(2015) vacation, even though they have not yet performed compensated service on the actual number of days required to earn such vacation in 2015.
Such employes who retire effective January 2, 2014, will receive a lump sum payment in lieu of any unused, earned 2014 vacation and for their 2015 future year vacation at the time of retirement. View details here

October 4, 2013 - Pursuant to the February 12, 1212 agreement, Norfolk Southern intends to stop the hard copies of advertisement and award bulletins and seniority rosters and to switch to an electronic bulletin and award process beginning November 1, 2013. A copy of Norfolk Southern's letter advising of this change over, and their online bidding instructions and log-in procedures can be viewed at this link.

July 1, 2013 - Norfolk Southern's Vice President Scott Weaver has advised as to changes in Labor Relations manangers, including those designated to receive our claims and grievances. Read letter here

February 25, 2013 - NS Seniority Agreement governing IAMAW-represented Roadway Equipment Mechanics working the Pittsburgh Division. View agreement

January 1, 2013 - New mileage rates, an increase to 56.5 cents per mile for reimbursed mileage, up from 55 cents per mile. View Scott Weaver's letter here.

March 12, 2012 Norfolk Southern designates C.S. Decker as appeal officer to handle highest level of  appeal for claims and grievances in connection with medical issues. View letter to our General Chairmen from Norfolk Southern's S.R. Weaver, Vice President Labor Relations.

October 17, 2011 "Like the NS, the BMWED strongly prefers that our fight to protect our members be as civil as possible. Unlike the NS, the BMWED recognizes that this fight is not like an argument between two corporate departments arguing about differing strategies of tax treatment of depreciable assets. The BMWED understands on a personal level that our members are suffering needlessly from the institutional and sometimes personal intention of NS management to intimidate and prevent their reporting of accidents, incidents, close calls, and medical needs." Read more of President Simpson's letter to VP Labor Relations Mobley.

August 29, 2011 Before the new payroll system becomes effective next year, NS will discontinue the distribution of NS-produced paper paychecks.  This cutover is scheduled for the check dated October 21, 2011.
A Payroll Distribution Options packet will be forwarded to each employee currently receiving an NS-produced paper check, explaining the new process and the available payment options.  This mailing is anticipated to kick off on September 12, 2011, in order to give the affected employees sufficient time to make an informed selection for receiving their pay: Direct Deposit or Direct Check.  Note that this correspondence to the employees includes the phone number for the Payroll Help Line. If you do not receive your Direct Check startup packet in the mail by October 17, 2011 and have not elected to participate in Direct Deposit, please contact the Payroll Helpline at 1-800-624-4193.
View Payroll Distrubution Options packet here.

April 2011 OSHA addresses Whistleblower Protections when a NS conductor was terminated for reporting nauseous odors while bleeding of railcars. The award reinstated conductor, making him whole for lost wages and seniority, inculding legal fees. View award.

February 28, 2011 Norfolk Southern makes updates concerning which Company Official is designated to handle claims and grievances.

April 16, 2010 BMWED President Simpson writes Harold Mobley, Vice President Labor Relations, regarding the Norfolk Southern attitude towards safety. Read President Simpson's letter here.

April 7, 2010 NJ Transit ordered to pay employee $570G in whistleblower case. A New Jersey Transit employee has received a record $569,587 award after a federal investigation found that NJ Transit illegally retaliated against the Clifton man — resulting in his losing his home, car and credit rating — for reporting an injury to another worker. Read More...

March 16, 2010 Norfolk Southern is proud of their safety record, but is their railroad really safe, or do they simply falsify the data regarding injuries?  Complaints in behalf of individual injured members of the BMWED, represented by Union lawyers, have been filed under the Whistleblower laws with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  These complaints allege that Norfolk Southern, and its managers, have engaged in a pattern of systematically intimidating witnesses, denying proper medical attention to injured workers and discharging employees who report injuries. Read the March  2010 Norfolk Southern Edition of An Appeal To Reason.

March 3, 2010 In a letter from NS Vice President Labor Relations Mobley, the Carrier has designated which agent is responsible for handling claims and grievances.

February 5, 2010 The rails have all reported their fourth quarter 2009 earnings and are summarized.  Generally speaking the results were not very impressive – analyst consensus estimates were either slightly missed or just reached and there were no meaningful beaten expectations. View NS summary.

September 30, 2009 NS has served notice to consolidate certain seniority districts involving the Northern Region.  Under the terms of imposed agreement NS has this right and we are required to meet with NS and bargain over its implementation.  There are four General Committees involved and two separate collective bargaining agreements and we have not yet determined how we will approach this issue.  We will be meeting internally to determine the best course of action for all of us.  If we are unable to reach an agreement with NS then the railroad has the right to move the issue to arbitration and an arbitrator will determine how and under what circumstances the seniority district mergers will occur or could determine that NS has not shown a sufficient operational need to effect these mergers. Date Link directs viewer to NS notice.

June 3, 2009 Norfolk Southern Corp. (NSC) will have little choice but to further cut jobs and capital spending if new regulations cap its ability to raise prices, the railroad's top executive said Wednesday.

May 18, 2009 Agreement reached with Norfolk Southern which settles most of the outstanding disputes related to the implementation and interpretation of the N&W Agreement. Download and view the general membership letter explaining settlement.

January 21, 2009 Herr Street underpass repairs under way

January 16, 2009 Are the cracked railroad overpasses in Scotland, Pennsylvania safe? Neither the state nor the federal government could answer specifically about the safety of the 100-year-old railroad overpasses.

NS Maintenance of Way Vehicles on Parade

YouTube Videos - We found some videos hanging on the web and have re-posted the links here, along with authors comments. Mildly interesting.

NS MOW crews had done extensive trackwork on the Beesley's Point Secondary in South Jersey. They're on their way to be loaded onto their train, which is on a siding just a short distance away. Over 20 vehicles are in this group. See video here.

Another YouTube video of NS Maintenance of Way crews and equipment. December 11, 2007. MoW Parade! Nice horns! 12 different machines head west through CP Prescott after a days work. View video here.

One more from the same area and author. See video here.

Yet another Youtube video of NS Track work. Threading rail, spikers, etc. See video here.

Hard to believe all the excitement over track equipment. If these foamers spent a summer week in a tie gang, they would throw their camera's in a ditch and take up another hobbie. One more video of NS track equipment here.

Route Map


Next to a scab, a snitch or an informer is one of the lowest forms of humanity. All we have is our ability to stick together. Statements given to railroad management and their agents will only be used against you.

Management is not interested in the truth and is only interested in protecting their money at our expense. Be careful what you say and never volunteer any information.

Remember, nobody likes a snitch. No one can say you saw something that you did not see. This includes but is not limited to injuries, investigations and accidents of all kinds.

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"

Jan 09, 2009

BMWED-NW&W Agreements

Norfolk Southern

NWW Agreement, Rules 1 thru 19
NWW Agreement Rules 20 thru 58
Letter Agreements Revising former Norfolk and Southern and former Wabash
NWW Appendices
Synthesis of certain rules applicable to Norfolk and Western Railway Agreement
Travel Allowance - Article 14 of the 1996 National Agreement
Other Agreements and Awards

December 2, 2016 - New Bridge Gangs Negotiated on NS Property - On August 3, 2016, Norfolk Southern served a notice on the Union seeking to create a new DPG, one that would re-deck bridges throughout the system.  The notice was served under an agreement that came from PEB 219 and NS could force the Union to arbitration if we did not reach a voluntary agreement.  While we believed we could beat NS in arbitration, that was a belief, not a fact.  Therefore, the Union sat down with NS to try to reach a fair deal for the membership.  We reached a deal that we believe is far better than anything we might have been stuck with in arbitration.

The agreement your Union reached with NS, permiting the creation of two bridge gangs – one operates over the N&W, the other over the Southern, instead of gangs that could work anywhere on NS.  Work in the gang receives the DPG bonus, but is not covered by worksite reporting rules.  The rates of pay are higher than the rate currently paid to these positions anywhere on the system.  Also, while NS obtained a limited right to move a gang from one zone to another, it must pay a penalty when it does so.  Essentially that penalty means that gang members will be paid 12 hours for a 10 hour workday.

Also, your Union reached agreements that resolved disputes over who is entitled to a DPG bonus and how Rule 17 layoffs should be handled.  Those agreements ratified positions the Union has taken in claims under those Rules and should mean that bonus payments are made automatically to folks we believed were eligible, rather than having the delays in payment due to filing claims.

July 12, 2016 - Kanawha River Railroad seniority agreement.

July 24, 2015 - The BMWED and Norfolk Southern recently reached agreement regarding joint elimination work on the Central Region, which settles our disputes compensating claimants and removing the thermite contractors 80 days after our new welding positions are established. View Agreement.

April 6, 2015 - Integration Agreement - Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NS) has filed an application with the Surface Transportation Board in Finance Docket 35873 seeking approval of acquisition of control by NS of 282.55 miles of Delaware & Hudson Railway Company (D&H) rail located in Pennsylvania and New York (the D&H South Lines) including any and all other tracks related to or auxiliary to the acquired lines. View Integration Agreement along with the New York Dock agreement, and side letters establishing positions. View Integration Agreement.

June 2, 2014 - Agreement with Norfolk Southern which will return the work of distributing tie plates in conjunction with dual rail, single-side rail, curve rail, or gauging projects throughout the NW-Wabash system to the BMWED. View Agreement

February 25, 2013 - NS Seniority Agreement governing IAMAW-represented Roadway Equipment Mechanics working the Pittsburgh Division. View agreement

Returning to Work

The NS Medical Department's process for returning employees to work following a long absence or a medically-related absence will depend on the specific situation and a case-by-case, individualized determination. However, most cases involve the same general steps. Tthis informational sheet describes the general steps at the present time. Intended as an overview, the process may vary for each employee.

Bereavement Leave

This negotiated benefit helps ease the pain when the tragedy of death strikes. Bereavement leave is paid leave that a Norfolk Southern employee is entitled to because of the death of a family member as defined by the terms of our BMWED collective bargaining agreements.

Download a copy of the Bereavement Rule and Q+A sheet


The eleven national holidays as recognized in the National Agreement and Amendments are as follows:

New Year's Day Thanksgiving
Washington's Birthday (Presidents Day) Day After Thanksgiving
Good Friday Christmas Eve
Memorial Day Christmas Day
Independence Day New Years' Eve
Labor Day  

Other Agreements

Norfolk Southern's letter advising of their online bidding instructions and log-in procedures.
Agreement tying meals and travel allowances to indexed multipliers, fixing allowances for double occupancy lodging, make-up time, starting times, Tie Unloading and OTM pick-up programs, and New Track Construction.
Settlement Agreement
Plasser Tamper and 2X Tamper Agreement, Eastern Region
Brandt and Log Loading Truck Agreement
Plasser Tamper and 2X Tamper Agreement
Maumee Line Agreements
Brush Cutting Agreement
Seniority Agreement
Assistant Crane Operator Agreement
Rule 8 Advertisement and Award Agreement
Meal Allowance Agreement
System Discipline Rule
Agreed Upon Seniority Interpretation for NW Agreement
Milepost Divider Agreement
Seniority Retention, Exercise Under Implementing Agreements
Seniority Protection Agreement for Changing Crafts
Implimenting Agreement for Conrail transaction
DPG Arbitrated Agreement
BMWE-NW Track Patrol Arbitration
NW Agreement Away from Home Expense Arrangements
Other National Agreements

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Next to a scab, a snitch or an informer is one of the lowest forms of humanity. All we have is our ability to stick together. Statements given to railroad management and their agents will only be used against you.

Management is not interested in the truth and is only interested in protecting their money at our expense. Be careful what you say and never volunteer any information.

Remember, nobody likes a snitch. No one can say you saw something that you did not see. This includes but is not limited to injuries, investigations and accidents of all kinds.

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"

Jan 23, 2009

2010 Northern Region Rosters

Foreman and Track Patrol Foreman
Assistant Foreman
Machine Operator - Class 1
Machine Operator - Class 2
Machine Operator - Class 3
Vehicle Operator
Electric Welder
Electric Welder Helper
Thermite Welder
Thermite Welder Helper
Assistant Crane Operator
Bridge Operator
Cook and Camp Car Attendant

Divisional Rosters

including the 2010 B&B Foreman, B&B Assit. Foreman, B&B Mechanics and Helpers, B&B Bridge Inspectors, Plumber Foreman, Assistant Plumber Foreman, Plumbers and Helpers, Structural Welders and Helpers, and Repairman and Repairman Helper rosters for the respective Divisions

Dearborn Division Rosters
Pittsburg Division Rosters
Harrisburg Division Rosters

DPG Rosters

DPG Foreman DPG Machine Operators
DPG Assit. Foreman DPG Track Laborers

Seniority Roster Protests


Attached in accordance with Rule 4 of the current BMWE Agreement are seniority rosters for MW&S employees.

These rosters should be posted at convenient places available to inspection by interested employees.

Rosters will be open to correction for a period of sixty days from date roster is posted.

Roster protests must be made in writing to:

Supervisor Administrative Services
Norfolk Southern Corporation
1200 Peachtree Street NE, Building Box 159
Atlanta, GA 30309

S. R. Heyob
Manager Administrative Services



Seniority Roster Rules

NW&W Rule 4 - Seniority Rosters
"(a) Seniority rosters of employees as provided for in Rule 2 will be separately compiled. Copies will be furnished Foreman, General Chairman and Local Chairman, and will be posted at convenient places available for inspection by employees interested.

Rosters will show the names of the employees and their seniority date or dates established under the rules of this agreement, except that names of laborers will not be included and their seniority rights will not apply until they have been in service of the Company in excess of sixty days. In computing service, the prepondering portion of each pay period will be recognized.

Rosters will be revised in January of each year and will be open to correction for a period of sixty days from date roster is posted.

(b) Any dating which remains unchanged on two successive rosters shall not be open to any question thereafter.

If a name is omitted from the seniority list this rule does not bar consideration of such cases upon the merits, providing request is made within two years from the date of the alleged service performed upon which the employee desires to establish seniority, but the burden of showing that the omission was erroneous rests upon the person claiming seniority despite the omission."




"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"




Jan 09, 2009

Rates of Pay on Norfolk and Western Railway Company


Rates effective January 1, 2015

Archived Rate Schedules

Rates effective July 1, 2014

Bridge Inspector
$27.71 $28.54
B&B Foreman
$27.71 $28.54
Asst. B&B Foreman
$27.37 $28.19
B&B Mechanic
$26.68 $27.48
B&B Helper
$25.28 $26.04
B&B Plumber Foreman
$27.71 $28.54
Asst. B&B Plumber Foreman
$27.37 $28.18
B&B Plumber
$26.68 $27.48
B&B Plumber Helper
$25.28 $26.04
Structural Welder
$26.62 $27.41
Structural Welder Helper
$25.28 $26.04
Track Foreman - Section
$27.24 $28.06
Track Foreman-Extra Gang (40 men or more)
$27.38 $28.20
Track Foreman-Extra Gang (21 men & less than 40)
$27.24 $28.06
Track Foreman-Extra Gang (20 men and less)
$27.08 $27.89
Asst. Track Foreman - Section
$26.76 $27.56
Asst. Track Foreman - Extra Gang
$26.73 $27.53
Trackman - Section
$24.84 $25.59
Trackman - Extra Gang
$24.84 $25.59
Lubricator Maintainer
$24.84 $25.59
$26.62 $27.42
Welder Helper
$25.28 $26.04
Roadway Machine Repairman
$27.16 $27.97
Roadway Machine Repairman Helper
$25.32 $26.08
Bridge Operator
$24.84 $25.59
Camp Cook
$24.57 $25.31
Vehicle Operator
$25.20 $25.96
$25.75 $26.51
Boltmaster Joint Straightner, Track Liner, Handyman, Automatic Anchor Applier, Tie Spacer, Snow Flanger, Wood Burner or Rail heater, Brush Cutter,  Tie Bed Scarifier/inserter, Tie Butt Pusher, Fairmont Tie Extruder-Larger, Wide Gauge Rail Threader-Dual Rail Gang, Standard Gauge Rail Threader-Dual Rail Gang, Cribber-Dual Rail Gang Gauge Spiker-Dual Rail Gang, Rail Gang air Compressor, Tie Destroyer, Snow Plow, Anchor Spreader, Anchor Adjuster, Plate Remover-Single, Plate Remover-Dual, Scrap Loader, Automatic Rail Lifter, Norberg Grabber Spike Puller

$26.44 $27.23
Bulldozer, Front End Loader, Backhoe, Crossing Machine-Speedwing, Tampers (without auto raising & lining), Ballast Regulator, Road Grader, Tie Inserter or Injector, Yard Cleaner, Auto Track-Lorarn (Manniz), Switch Undercutter, Plasser Cribber, Tie Handler, Tie Saw, Tie Shear, Brush Cutter (on track), Audigage, Jet Snow Blower, Double Broom, Ballast Compactor, Klipper Brushcutter, Tractor Brushcutter, Tie Exchanger, FEL, w/snow Blower, Adzers, Automatic Spikers 4-Head Tie Drill, Norberg Automatic Lag Driver
$26.56 $27.36
Locomotive Crane, Burro Crane, Crawler Crane, Truck Crane, Gradall-Hydraexcavator, Pile Driver, Production Tamper (with auto raising & lining), Jordan Spreader, Undercutter/ Cleaner, Jimbo Material Handler, Track Stabilizer, Soil Test Machine, Car Mover, Multi-Cranes, Beihack Snow Blower, CAT Tamper

Download a printable copy of the Norfolk Southern rates of pay effective July 1, 2014

Unions have a substantial impact on the compensation and work lives of both unionized and non-unionized workers. While only 14 percent of nonunion workers have guaranteed pensions, fully 68 percent of union workers do. More than 97 percent of union workers have jobs that provide health insurance benefits, but only 85 percent of nonunion workers do. Unions help employers create a more stable, productive workforce—where workers have a say in improving their jobs.

  • Unions raise wages of unionized workers by roughly 20% and raise compensation, including both wages and benefits, by about 28%.
  • Unions reduce wage inequality because they raise wages more for low- and middle-wage workers than for higher-wage workers, more for blue-collar than for white-collar workers, and more for workers who do not have a college degree.
  • Strong unions set a pay standard that nonunion employers follow. For example, a high school graduate whose workplace is not unionized but whose industry is 25% unionized is paid 5% more than similar workers in less unionized industries.
  • The impact of unions on total nonunion wages is almost as large as the impact on total union wages.


By bargaining collectively, union members are able to negotiate higher wages. Union members earn almost 28 percent more than nonunion members. The union wage benefit is greatest for people of color and women. Latino union workers earn almost 51 percent more than their nonunion counterparts. Union women earn almost 34 percent more than nonunion women. For African Americans, the union advantage is 31 percent. The union advantage for white male workers is almost 21 percent. For Asian American workers the union advantage is close to 1 percent.

Download a printable copy of Norfolk Southern rates of pay effective July 1, 2011

Download a printable copy of Norfolk Southern rates effective July 1, 2009

Download a printable copy of  Norfolk Southern rates effective July 1, 2008

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"


Next to a scab, a snitch or an informer is one of the lowest forms of humanity. All we have is our ability to stick together. Statements given to railroad management and their agents will only be used against you.

Management is not interested in the truth and is only interested in protecting their money at our expense. Be careful what you say and never volunteer any information.

Remember, nobody likes a snitch. No one can say you saw something that you did not see. This includes but is not limited to injuries, investigations and accidents of all kinds.

Jan 09, 2009

NS Northern Region and DPG Bulletins

Posting advertisements and awards is the responsibility of Norfolk Southern. The Pennsylvania Federation was providing internet access to the bids when Norfolk Southern could not. Our Organization worked with Norfolk Southern to develop both an on-line posting and email distribution of bulletins.

This being the case, the Pennsylvania Federation will no longer use our resources to do this time consuming project. Norfolk Southern is now posting them on their web site inside the employee resource center section. Additionally, arrangements can be made to have them emailed to you. If you would like to receive bulletins via email, please send an email to, indicating your name, employee ID number, email address, and which bulletins you would like to receive via email.

Norfolk Southern BID SHEET, download a printable version

Assignment Office Phone Directory

NS Atlanta Assignment Group

SHARI HEYOB Mgr Admin Svcs529-1060
SARAH SMITH    Supv Admin Svcs582-6222
MURPHY CHASTINE    Eng Specialist-Fleet529-1291
TANYA HESTER    Assignment Clerk C&S529-1066
LINDA GARDNER    Assignment Clerk SOU Track/B&B529-1407
TOMMY THOMPSON    Assignment Clerk Eastern Rgn582-4556
JASON MILLER    Assignment Clerk Western Rgn & DPG582-4555
PATTI WORKS    Assignment Clerk Northern Rgn529-1107
SHARON JOSEPH    Chief Clerk529-1106




"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"



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