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April 19, 2018
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March on Harrisburg
This Is What Democracy Looks Like
Amtrak at a Junction
Invest in Improvements, or Risk Worsening Problems
National Bargaining Update
Carriers have unrealistic expectations
BMWED Lodge 3097
Proudly Supporting Healthcare not Wealthcare
Numbers Don't Lie
Amtrak MW worker fatalities on the rise
US War Spending Since 9/11
How taxpayer dollars were spent on Iraq, Afghanistan, and other war-related activities
Wealth Inequality in America
Wealth gap has turned america into a seething pit of class resentment
The 99% Begins to Wake
Don't piss on us and tell us it's raining
Pull Your Head Out of the Sand
Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine
What's New at BMWED-IBT
Penn Fed Endorses Elizabeth Fiedler
The Pennsylvania Federation Endorses Elizabeth Fiedler for Democratic Candidate in Pennsylvania’s 184th district. A Working Class Choice for the Working Class. “… proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with working people. We demand the freedom to come together in strong unions.” Read More...
Amtrak's Safety Culture
The BMWED has extensive experience with Amtrak on the issues that drive Amtrak's safety culture. It is our members and Amtrak's customers who pay with our lives, and life changing injuries, when Amtrak management ignores their obligations to operate a safe railroad. Hopefully, with your help we can reverse the downward spiral on safety that began with the Boardman administration. Read More...
Gerrymandering Exposed
Pennsylvania's top court delivers scathing indictment of political gerrymandering The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released a 139-page opinion detailing why it rejected the state's Republican-drawn congressional districts for "clearly, plainly, and palpably" violating the state's Constitution. The ruling is a scathing indictment of political gerrymandering, the process by which political parties draw legislative districts to give themselves advantages in statewide elections. The Republican redistricting plan, crafted after the 2010 Census, was "aimed at achieving unfair partisan gain" and "undermines voters' ability to exercise their right to vote in free and 'equal' elections if the term is to be interpreted in any credible way," the court concluded. Read More...
CSX Avon Railyard Job Cuts Could Endanger Public
CSX Avon Rail yard job cuts threaten the lives on Indiana residents. This CSX Avon rail yard is responsible for handling some of the most hazardous waste in the country. Now there will be no rail workers to hold strict adherence to safety standards at this busy hub. Some local railroad workers claim their jobs could go away as soon as this weekend, but they haven’t heard anything official from management. With their jobs comes the safety and security of Indiana’s residents. Without their jobs is a recipe for disaster. How many of America's towns and cities will burn before Railroads put safety ahead of greed? Read More...
Weekend at Christies
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie doesn’t even care that he is the least popular governor in the nation. In fact he seems to be setting the bar so low that his successors will have no trouble appearing as honorable. This time Christie has sunk lower than the legs of his beach chair. After spending most of Monday being mocked on news shows in the United States and across the globe, Gov. Christie said he had no regrets about his family's weekend outing at the governor's beach house at a state park that was closed to everyone else during the state shutdown. Read More...

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"

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