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September 19, 2021
 Anthony Sessa
General Chairman
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National Agreements

National Agreements

April 25, 2012 National Agreement (1.7MB)
July 1, 2007 National Agreement (1.05MB)
May 31, 2001 National Agreement (11.15MB)
September 26, 1996 National Agreement (9.0MB)
January 18, 1994 National Work Force Stabilization Agreement  
July 28, 1992 Conrail Agreement (4.5MB)
July 29, 1991 National Imposed Agreement (2.5MB)
October 17, 1986 National Agreement (10.5MB)
Conrail 1981 and 1985 Agreements  
December 11, 1981 National Agreement (5.0MB)
October 30, 1978 National Agreement (3.65MB)
January 29, 1975 National Agreement (5.23MB)
April 27, 1973 National Agreement (1.82MB)
February 10, 1971 National Agreement (3.33MB)
May 17, 1968 National Agreement (1.3MB)
January 13, 1967 National Agreement (2.07MB)
August 19, 1960 National Agreement (2.09MB)
October 7, 1959 National Agreement (1.2MB)
August 21, 1954 National Agreement (4.74MB)
March 19, 1949 National 40-Hour Work Week Agreement (4.01MB)  
December 17, 1941 National Wage Increase Agreement (1.02MB)  
December 17, 1941 National Wage Agreement - Participating Carriers (970KB)  

February 7, 1965 Protection Agreement as amended, Mediation Agreement Case No. A-7128

February 7, 1965 Protection Agreement Questions and Answers, an educational on Feb 7 benefits.

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"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"

Nov 19, 2014
National Bargaining for the round beginning November 2014 As you may know, another round of National Bargaining has resumed and will proceed through the coming weeks and months that lie ahead.
Nov 06, 2011
BMWED National Agreements
Nov 06, 2011
President Obama established Emergency Board (PEB) No. 243 on October 6, to investigate and make recommendations for settlement of the current disputes between the Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition (RLBC) and five other unions, and the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC).
May 27, 2012
Presidential Emergency Boards

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