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September 19, 2021
 Anthony Sessa
General Chairman
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Updated On: Feb 23, 2020

Unsafe Condition Reporting Form and attached list of safety liaisons
Amtrak Bid Sheet
Furlough Form, for BMWED members on Amtrak's NEC, also see Rule 18(f) and Rule 21 of the NEC Agreement

Request to Demonstrate Qualification forms, pursuant to the Consent Decree, Section A, Article 5

MW Equipment B&B Structures department Electric Traction
 Holiday Change request form
Direct Deposit form
Cancel Direct Deposit form
Rail Pass Application
Lost Rail Pass
Hotel and Lodging Complaints, the process explained and a complaint form

NEW HIRES - Pursuant to our "Union Shop and Dues Check-Off Agreement" with Amtrak, monthly BMWED dues are automatically deducted from earnings. Please complete and submit the Dues Authorization Form prior to the completion of your 60th day of service. Failure to submit this form will result in complications with your union status.

INITIATION FEE - Article XV, Section 2 of the BMWED Bylaws state: "Initiations for new members shall be $100.00, the entire amount of which will be collected in every instance. No portions of this fee to be returned to applicant or any dispensation granted doing away with same except on roads, portions of the roads, or employers where there is no organization, where the BMWED has become depleted, where dual organizations hold contract or where the BMWED is being seriously threatened by new organizations."

Questions regarding Union dues, initiation fees, and lodge affiliations are best answered by your District Representatives, who can be contacted by using the “Office Locations” bar under Main Menu on the left.

Amtrak Jobs - You can find out about current job openings at Amtrak, including position summaries and required qualifications, by calling Amtrak's Job Line or checking Amtrak's web site:

1-877-AMTRAK1 (1-877-268-7251)

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"


Next to a scab, a snitch or an informer is one of the lowest forms of humanity. All we have is our ability to stick together. Statements given to railroad management and their agents will only be used against you.

Management is not interested in the truth and is only interested in protecting their money at our expense. Be careful what you say and never volunteer any information.

Remember, nobody likes a snitch. No one can say you saw something that you did not see. This includes but is not limited to injuries, investigations and accidents of all kinds.

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