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September 26, 2020
 Anthony Sessa
General Chairman
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Amtrak Union Busting
Posted On: Mar 18, 2020

Concerning to us all is the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across our nation. The potential for physical and economic damage to our members due to the insidious nature of this illness is troubling, and the apprehensions and worries of our members and their families has been abundantly shared.

In the midst of the seriousness of this pandemic we must regrettably inform you that our jobs are under attack again from Amtrak. Even as we are troubled by the closings of schools and businesses, as widespread shortages and the depletion of essentials rob our lives and livelihoods of normalcy, we understand that Amtrak management is training contractors to replace our watchmen positions.

Amtrak has begun to train contractors to provide watchmen protection. Why would Amtrak want outsiders providing for the protection of trains? Why would Amtrak be willing to risk the safety of passengers and employees by allowing outsiders to furnish on-track protections, to establish work limits and train approach warning. Why would Amtrak ignore decades of historic practice only to weaken time proven, effective and efficient methods of safe operations? The answer is simple: Union Busting

Amtrak is attacking your jobs, threatening your employment and the security and well being of your families as they attempt to contract RWIC protections.

Follow this link for two letters, the first is from Amtrak’s Labor Relations department to General Chairman Sessa, in an effort to “explain” Amtrak’s position. The second is a letter from General Chairman Sessa to Amtrak’s new president, challenging Amtrak’s position and insisting that RailPro be removed from the property.

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