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February 17, 2020
 Anthony Sessa
General Chairman
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Enemy of America's Railroad Workers
Amtrak Substation Electrician Fatality Injured in Bronx
2 other workers injured in this horrific accident
Juan J. Diaz
Rest in Peace
Joe Rogan interviews Bernie Sanders
A Real Conversation
Luke Gsell
Another MW Worker Fatality on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor
BMWED Lodge 3097
Proudly Supporting Healthcare not Wealthcare
Numbers Don't Lie
Amtrak MW worker fatalities on the rise
Wealth Inequality in America
Wealth gap has turned america into a seething pit of class resentment
The 99% Begins to Wake
Don't piss on us and tell us it's raining
Pull Your Head Out of the Sand
Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine
What's New at BMWED-IBT
Biden's Push for Labor is Burdened by Obama-Era Baggage
Keon Liberato, President of the Penn Fed's Philly Lodge speaks out in a New York Time article, about how taking health care off the bargaining table under Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All plan “would be huge for the American people.” Read More...
Trump, America's Biggest Troll
NO Friend of Workers... NO Friend of Unions... NO Friend of Railroads... How or Why some would support this troll is unimaginable. When it comes to wowing workers, Donald Trump is an absolute magician. Through some mysterious sorcery, he has convinced millions of American workers that he is their true friend, fighting hard for them, even though he and his appointees have taken one anti-worker action after another—dozens of them. Read More...
The Ghost of Jimmy Hoffa
The Ghost of Jimmy Hoffa By David Macaray | CounterPunch | Following is an article from one of our favorite magazine journals, CounterPunch, a periodical chocked with deep-seated investigative reporting that speaks to progressive politics and civil liberties. Lately there has been so much hype surrounding the the life and death of Jimmy Hoffa. The Martin Scorsese Netflix movie “The Irishman” attempts to chart the events of the day Hoffa disappeared in a way that you somehow yield to them not as a flight of fancy but as the reconstruction of an established truth. This author felt necessary to put facts into perspective, removing Scorsese’s glamorization of one-time Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa and identifying the union and it’s leadership for what it was - corrupt, anti-democratic and dirty. Read More...
This Is Why America Doesn’t Have High Speed Trains
A decade ago, the US was promised high-speed rail—so where is it? In 2009, US train enthusiasts received some of the best news since 1886, the year the country finally agreed to use the same rail gauge nationwide. US president Barack Obama had a plan to revitalize the floundering US economy—and rail was a big part of it. Not since the days of 19th century railroad tycoons had there been so much opportunity—or cash—for US trains. Some 39 states leapt at the opportunity: Between them, the District of Columbia, and Amtrak, nearly 500 applications competed for the roughly $10.1 billion total pot available for rail projects. (Approving them all would have cost in the region of $75 billion.) Read More...
Amtrak Substation Electrician Fatality Injured in Bronx
On December 6, 2019, BMWED/IBEW Brother Jarrett Erhart (27), a substation electrician was fatally injured in a tragic accident at Amtrak’s Sub #46 in the Bronx. Brother Jarrett started his railroad career in 2017, first with the BMWED and recently with the IBEW. Those that were lucky enough to know him were blessed. His smile and kindness touched those in his presence. Read More...

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"

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