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December 01, 2021
 Anthony Sessa
General Chairman
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UTU Sells Out Membership In Time of Record Freight Profits
Updated On: Jul 24, 2011


Before Voting on the UTU Proposal,  Don't Miss This


(See "The Truth" In Red Italics)

or Download a printable version of the slideshow (which may be easier on your eyes)

"The UTU leadership's insistence on attempting to ratify a tentative agreement that guts our healthcare has placed our position at the bargaining table in jepardy. However, knowing that this inferior tentative agreement allows the rail carriers to falsely claim it is a pattern agreement has not slowed the UTU's efforts in trying to sell their membership on this bad deal."
Fred Simpson, President BMWED-IBT
read President Simpson's letter here

The UTU Proposed Agreement Contains Healthcare Changes that Shift Costs onto Your Back and Trades Your Quality of Care for Increased Carrier Profits.

  • More than 1/2 of the projected savings for the UTU Proposed Agreement comes from the members paying a larger share of each healthcare service.
  • The other portion of the projected savings (i.e., increase in Carrier's Profits) comes from adding new programs that could actually lower the quality of your healthcare.

We believe a responsible healthcare solution can be achieved in a way that saves the Carriers money without shifting costs to you and your Brothers and Sisters and without reducing the quality of your healthcare. To better understand these changes, consider the following examples:

Problem 1: Costs being shifted onto your back.
Let’s say you, your wife, and newborn son have the misfortune of being in a car accident and require $50,000 worth of hospital care. The newly proposed deductible and coinsurance for MMCP would require you to pay as much as $2,400 out of pocket. Whereas, under the current benefit structure for MMCP you would have paid $0 out of pocket. And it gets so much worse....

Problem 2: Trading quality for Carrier Profits.
Issue 1: No more expensive drugs - Your wife's knee joints are in great pain. The newly proposed Prior Authorization rules deny coverage until she enters physical therapy. (Note: over 115 drugs are impacted.) Cha-Ching...$900+ per month for her new prescription
Current Plan...your cost is $30 per month

Issue 2: No more expensive drugs - Before the accident, your wife had a heart condition. The newly proposed Step Therapy program requires her to try the related generic or preferred brand drug -- or be forced to pay the full cost for her current medication. It does not matter that she tried two years ago. She will have to try the alternative (lower cost) drugs again and show again that they are “ineffective.” Only after all that, will the Plan cover her original medication. (Note: many chronic condition drugs including Nexium are impacted. In all, about 5,000 or over 10% of UTU members will be affected.) Cha-Ching...$150+ per month for her existing chronic condition prescription
Current Benefits...your cost is $30 for 3 months


Your "NO" vote will make the difference in safeguarding healthcare benefits for ALL!
You and ALL your Brothers and Sisters deserve Affordable Healthcare!

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"Tell The Truth UTU"

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June 2011 - An Appeal To Reason  - United Transportation Union (UTU) recently released to the public their tentative national agreement with the Class 1 Freight Railroads resolving wages, health care and rules covering the six year period from 2010-2016.  The last five years have seen the Freight Railroads post record profits.  The new proposal is substantially worse than the one negotiated under President Bush’s National Mediation Board in 2007. When that agreement was concluded, the Freight Railroad’s profits were half of what they are today.

It was a surprise to industry observers that the UTU, under the supervision of President Obama’s National Mediation Board, would agree to such a poor deal especially when compared to the last agreement negotiated under the supervision of President Bush’s mediation board.  The UTU leadership has their spin doctors and public relations experts misrepresenting this deal to their membership and their General Chairmen.  UTU has an internal ratification process that is expected to take several months and will ultimately be sent to their membership for approval. No one believes that a fair ratification procedure, managed by a neutral third party with voting safeguards, would conclude with support for this deal.  In the past, the  UTU leadership has been notorious for disrespecting their membership with rigged ratification processes.

Every union in national bargaining has rejected the UTU sell out as a basis for settlement.  Our hope is that the UTU membership will see through the lies and the sales pitch and also reject this bad deal.

Read More in June's "An Appeal To Reason", including a Synopsis of Tentative UTU Deal and Key Comparisons with Last National Freight Agreement, and statements from Transportation and Communications Union President Bob Scardelletti, Dan Pickett, Chairman of the Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition, and BMWED President Freddie Simpson.

Urge your UTU Brothers and Sisters to VOTE NO!

Leaflet outlining deficiencies in the UTU deal, with cover letter

Now read the BMWED article "Why the BMWED Wants Out of Mediation"

RLBC Rejects Notion that NCCC-UTU Tentative Agreement Sets a Pattern for the Freight Rail Industry. Read Here...


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