BMWED/Amtrak NEC Agreement


Adopted December 9, 1997
Amended August 1, 2009

I. Territory

Amtrak may establish B&B Capital Improvement gangs, not assigned fixed headquarters, to work in the following territories:

1. New York Division (Work Zones 5 & 6)

2. MidAtlantic Division (Work Zones 1, 1A, 2, 3 & 4)

NOTE: In October of each year, Amtrak shall advertise all positions in the Capital Improvement gangs, indicating the anticipated work schedule - identifying the projects and locations for the coming year.

II. Operation of Southern District Bridge Rehabilitation Gangs

(a) Amtrak may establish B&B Capital Improvement Gangs in each territory defined in Section I.
(b) The complement of Gangs established under this rule shall not exceed twelve (12) employees except as agreed between the parties.

(c) The November 3, 1976, Special Construction Agreement shall not apply to gangs established under this rule.

III. Notice to be Given

When Amtrak intends to establish a Southern District Bridge Rehabilitation Gang, it shall give at least thirty (30) days written notice thereof to the interested General Chairman; such notice to contain information relative to the following:
(1) Description of territory over which it is programmed to work.
(2) Length of time gang will operate.
(3) Number of positions in each classification assigned to the unit.

IV. Work Week

(a) The work week shall be 4 ten hour days with hours and rest days governed by Rules 32 and 42(a)-(f) and (h) of the agreement.

(b) For vacation purposes or any other situation where work days are counted as accumulative days, employees working a four (4) ten (10) hour day work week, will be credited with working five (5) work days in that work week.

(c) Holidays falling on the second or third work day of employees assigned to a four (4) ten (10) hour day work week, may, by agreement between the Assistant Chief Engineer Structures and the General Chairman, be changed to the first or fourth work day of the work week.

V. Travel Allowance

(a) Employees assigned to positions in one of these units established pursuant to this Agreement, will be allowed a travel allowance of:
(1) $12.50 for each weekend trip from their homes to the lodging site, including the initial trip in establishing the unit.

(2) $12.50 for each weekend trip from the lodging site to their homes, including the final trip after termination of the unit.

However, an employee assigned to a unit working a four (4) day week shall forfeit twenty-five percent (25%) of such travel allowance for each day of the work week on which compensation paid him by Amtrak for service performed has not been credited. Compensation referred to in this section is understood to include that received for holidays under Article II of the Agreement of August 21, 1954, as amended.

(b) The payment referred to in Section (a) hereof, is to cover any expenses these employees may incur while making such weekend trips and is in lieu of all other compensation said employees may be entitled to under the provisions of any other agreement, practice or working condition for such weekends.

(c) The provisions of this Article are not applicable to trips made by employees to and from their homes on legal holidays.

(d) Employees in lodging will be transported to the nearest point where rail transportation is available to make weekend trips to their homes.

VI. Meals and Lodging

(a) Three (3) meals a day on each work day will be furnished at the expense of Amtrak to those employees holding regularly assigned positions in the unit.

(b) Amtrak may substitute a $29.50 per diem allowance in lieu of meals for each work day that covered employees perform compensated service.

(c) Amtrak shall provide suitable lodging in which each employee shall have a separate bed at least three (3) feet from the next nearest bed.

VII. Headquarters

The location of headquarters points shall be the carrier designated lodging site unless otherwise agreed to by the General Chairman and Assistant Chief Engineer. Headquarters points may be changed upon seventy-two (72) hours advance notice posted with a copy to the General Chairman.


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